Leading manufacturer of cardboard packaging
and laminated micro corrugated cardboard in Belarus and Russia

Leading manufacturer of cardboard packaging
and laminated micro corrugated cardboard in Belarus and Russia

Service Areas
The highest quality cardboard packaging
Druck Service offers a wide range of printing services in Minsk.
Our professional approach allows us to seamlessly fill any order, no matter how difficult,
from the simplest printed products to manufacturing boxes, cardboard packaging
showcase displays, mobile exhibition stands, and POS materials.

We offer complex solutions to meet the needs and requirements of your company.
Druck Service print factory, founded 19 February 1999.
All the necessary printing and post-printing equipment was purchased in that same year. Along with technological purchases, we put together a staff of highly qualified specialists: designers, techs, printers and engineers. At first, Druck Service specialised in printing labels and cardboard packaging.
The company's staff consisted of 35 employees on two shifts.
Today, Druck Service is outfitted with modern equipment that allows us to produce cardboard packaging, corrugated cardboard and packaging boxes, and provide any printing services of any complexity.
Our staff consists of 200 employees. With a large production capacity and two-shift schedule, we consistently provide high quality production and meet our customers' needs in a timely manner.
Production Area
7,100 m2
3,100 m2
Storage Capacity
200 employees
Qualified staff of specialists
We work for clients, not for ourselves
Full cardboard packaging
production cycle
Repro house presence
We work with trusted raw materials suppliers and have our own transportation and storage
A modern fleet of printing
The quality management system for developing and manufacturing cardboard boxes and packaging, micro corrugated cardboard and composite materials is certified in accordance with international standard ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 15378:2017 (Good Manufacturing Practices)
ISO 9001:2015
and ISO 15378:2017 (GMP)

Additional Services

Offset printing

Post-printing processing


calendars and other
printed products.
stencil UV varnish:
UV varnish/glitter/structure varnish
foil stamping
hole punching
gluing products of any complexity
shaped die-cutting
We are always open to partnering with other print factories and ready to suggest amenable terms, performing processes separate from the cardboard packaging manufacturer: gluing, offset printing, varnishing, backing, glossing, embossing, stamping and much more.
Please write to us with any questions