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Druck Service, LLC has been manufacturing custom cardboard packaging since 1999.
The company's retail operations began on 19 February.
On that day, the reconstruction of the building at 73/3 Yakub Kolas street in Minsk, Belarus started.


Within a year, we had purchased all of the necessary equipment for printing and post-printing processing, and had put together a staff of highly qualified specialists: designers, techs, printers and engineers.
At first, Druck Service specialised in printing labels and cardboard packaging.

The company's staff consisted of 35 employees on two shifts.
Druck Service print factory has grown consistently, investing in new equipment and technicogical infrastructure.

In 2000, we purchased hole punching, embossing, and glossing machines. This equipment allowed us to tap the market for strong, thick cardboard packaging (200-500 g/m2).

We bought additional hole punching and stamping equipment, and expanded the print factories capabilities to manufacture packaging. This allowed the company to produce exclusive packaging and advertising products of the highest class with all types of finishes: embossing and multilevel foil stamping on various materials.

In 2006, we purchased and fired up a laminating machine.

This allowed us to expand the number of modern printing services and offers to partners and clients, as well as to increase our range in the production and manufacturing of cardboard packaging and corrugated packaging for such products as children's toys, electronics, telescopes, binoculars and packing boxes.

In 2020, the printing factory of Druk Service is equipped with modern equipment to produce packaging from cardboard, corrugated cardboard, packaging boxes and provide any printing services of varying complexity.

The company's staff is 200 people. Large production capacities, two-shift operation of the workshop ensure high quality products and timely satisfaction of customer needs.
The print factory today
We Turn Dreams Into Reality
We expanded the print factory’s production area by creating a new manufacturing complex outside the Minsk ring road in Borovlyany Council (Malinovka). The new complex has provided modern access roads with areas for loading the products manufactured (cardboard and micro corrugated cardboard packaging), as well as for unloading materials necessary for printing.
We have developed a strategy for future growth and have set production near the Moscow Ring Road. This has allowed us to improve logistics, to increase our production capacity for cardboard packaging, corrugated cardboard packaging and boxes, to improve our printing services, to expand storage facilities for finished products and products necessary for manufacturing, to create a reserve and to stock duplicate equipment. Orders are fulfilled perfectly on time.

The positive trajectory we're on to expand our print factories capabilities moves us towards increasing our production output and the guaranteed implementation of a project for a large, specialised printing complex for industrial packaging and producing printing products in Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Thanks to 20 years of working on the market, Druck Service has formed principles and goals on the basis of which we build relationships within the company and with the surrounding society. Our company policy is partnering directly with manufacturers. This means that Druck Service, LLC, is the first importer for large and well-known cardboard manufacturers like International Paper, Metsä Board, MM karton and Umka Cardboard Mill d.o.o.

Because of our direct lines of contact, large supply volumes, established partnerships and taking market conditions into account, we offer:

-products at competitive prices; and
-a guarantee and set of essential documents and quality certificates.

Additional Services

Offset printing

Post-printing processing


calendars and other
printed products.
stencil UV varnish:
UV varnish/glitter/structure varnish
foil stamping
hole punching
gluing products of any complexity
shaped die-cutting
We are always open to partnering with other print factories and ready to suggest amenable terms, performing processes separate from the cardboard packaging manufacturer: gluing, offset printing, varnishing, backing, glossing, embossing, stamping and much more.
Please write to us with any questions